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* Fire escape/fire exit is going to be installed around july. This is going to possibly compromise the bathroom, the sink and the bathroom area. We will update you about this.

* July anbandoned building brewery group show. Exact dates haven't been figured out. Meeting for those interested will be dated for sometime next week.

* August possibly a show in the flywheel.

* Screenshop group meeting will be happening soon.

* Metalshop has the TIG welder. If you want to learn or get trained on safety there are signups in the metalshop.

* A fire inspection may happen in july

* Interviews about different tools and safety and stories are going to go on the Rust Temple youtube channel soon.

* Want to figure out a way to conduct shop safety/training.

- Possibly a formal process with an accompanying video

- Possibly the trainer could be financially compensated.

- If everyone knew the same organization and cleaning

- Maybe like 2 times a month in batches.

- Specific dates and what not will be decided by the metalshop and woodshop groups.

* Internet isnt working well, we might get a seperate service. Ben will research alternative options. Wouter will research

Things we should get:

* Wireless repeater.

* Rust Temple underwear

* Brick anchors

Things we should get rid of:

* Everything by the front door

* Metal cart in woodshop.


* Andy Ben and Wouter will be figuring out new lights for the unlit fixture.
UPDATE: we met with kelly the building manager yesterday and...

- the staircase construction is now happening sometime before the end of the year not necessarily in july -- we're waiting to hear back more specifics

- internet -- jim is asking tenants about who might be interested in a fiber optic connection (?i forget if that's the wording) so we might be able to get our own badass internet soon !

- fire inspection is actually just an inspection of the fire extinguishers weirdly enough, and happens in december

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