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8/12/2018 Meeting

* New comers/ Go over application questions for new people coming in.

- Most people are artists at Rust Temple and most of the people are artists and we want to move it in a direction where the most possible backgrounds/skillsets/expertise is at the Rust Temple.

- Surgeons?

- General Physicians?

- Massuse?

* Cole's proposal to expand the Woodshop.

- Cole wants to teach woodworking classes out of the woodshop. Intro to woodcarving, womens carpentry, basic carpentry. He wants to move his space out of where it is right now, moving next to the goods and expanding the woodshop into where his space is right now.

- Ben said that he wants the metalshop to expand when the woodshop expands

- Increases shop safety

- Increases desireability for people renting woodshop access

- class sizes of 5 people or less

- Bank accounts for Rust Temple

* no flywheel show yet, but meat for tea show in december

* undertakers and other task roles

* shop intro schpeals

* New internet.

- Were getting our own interenet connection for next month

* New Family Computer.

* New printer station

* also rusttemple.local ! woop

* bring back movie nights -- anyone wanna host? rotating?

* encouraging other recurring events or groups

* Security Camera outside door

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