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anime cluB
good day to you all, today marks a celebration of the occasion of the initiation of ~anime club
it was commenced with a showing of nichijou & the commemorative collaborative drawing that should be included below?
it has the most excellent intro & we learned words like 'gross' & 'water'
what & when will be our next showing? find out next time on anime club: we watch things together sometimes
[Image: 1mXNbzbl.jpg]
I'm free Tuesday Wednesday Thursday's most weeks, I propose maybe next week on one of those days, ya'll unless that objectionable???
What should we watch?
Should we have a meeting?????? Omg

Also here are some animus that I've enjoyed over these two long years, that I think others would also really love, I'd love to hear what you like to watch too!
  • Ping Pong the Animation - is chill, lovely and flowy animation, a story of two childhood friends playing ping pong but sooooo much more 15/10.  Re watched some episodes 2 summers ago at the Rust, but never finished I would love to watch again with ya'll

  • Ballroom e Youkoso - The main character is a talentless high schooler, but then discovers ballroom dancing, and boy is the dancing hot and dramatratized

  • Tatami Galaxy - Every episode is a different version of the university days had the main character chosen a different path ( ground hog's day ), it's good and has loveable characters and the art direction is wholesome.  Same director as Ping Pong the Animation.

  • Re Zero - A story about a boy sent to a world that he may or may not have to save, he has a hero complex and is very annoying, and whenever he dies he has to relive the events - and also deal with the trauma of having been killed.

  • Anohana - will make you cry, maybe.  It's good

  • Ao no Excorsist (blue exorcist) - Sorta the unlikely hero story, the main character is the son of satan, but is striving to be an exorcist in a world of exorcists ridding the world of hells minions.  It's dramatic and has action
Honored to be here

next tuesday mar 12? is that too soon??
i love all these suggestions, let's get through them all
i vote natsume youjinchou about a boy who sees yōkai (spirits) and he is learning how to interact with humans thru the spirits and he is a very sweet boy with an unwholesome cat spirit friendo
i vote ping pong or crying one lol
or whatever anime about go someone talked about the other day so we can learn to play hahA
I can do Tuesday, I'll ping Anya in real life about it! Let's decide what to watch on the spot!
Honored to be here
YES on the spot!! so tuesday mar 12 yes?
i'm down !! also v down for the 18th-21st daytime in the gallery at HCC so we can tent up snuggle snax n watch if u guys free in there sometime
most desiring to rewatch and finish ping pong tbh -- that anarchocapricorncompletionism kickiing in

also our neighbor who was getting down at the dance party (dylan) wants to anime club too!

also yo quinn ..... both having nichijou avatars lol
LOL someone told me to have nichijou avatar so i did lul

Yes let's snuggleanimeclub in the tents !!! daytime snugs & screens! with our best stuffed friends. I'm free tues 19 til 2ish and wed 20 til 1 or 4 should we just do both days or all the days L:
Down for HCC, either tueday or wednesday
Honored to be here
let's carp ool @6 ?
also i can bring snax, any requests from coop / trans?

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