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anime cluB
animE cluB has been watching PING PONG! it's really good and some of the chinese characters do not seem to be voiced by native mandarin speakers? so that's interesting. the animation is so wild, so much personality in the lines, and the sound design is amazing, what rhythm & tension & wordlessness created with very basic sounds, yet so full & informative! ~is this fanboying anyway we watched in the gallery space and it was SO COOL definitely the way to watch it. we're watching it english dubbed which is definitely a choice, it allows we non japanese speakers to really take in the animation. watch the intro !!! stay tuned for anime cluB meeTing nUmber 4?!
[Image: GAvV.gif]
[Image: TPju.gif][Image: F2wv.gif]
for @anyiki
[Image: vBcEfiQl.jpg]
Anime club postponed this week due to busy -- should it be every other week?
yes! may it be decreed an everyotherweek event!!

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