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RT Online resources
creating this thread to raise awareness of different ways rust temple exists online for info and interaction!

rust temple website
http://rusttemple.today -- includes info in categories (not quite up to date atm):
  • basic info about rt, setting the vibe, no locational or photographic specifics, contact info, patreon info, wishlist
  • policies for moving in, membership options, general rules, using the building, fire safety, undertakers, using the shops, hosting events, how rent works, calendars, the family computer
  • hosting for individual members' pages if they want one!
  • services offered -- shops and tools and the like, how-to instructions for some things in shops
  • misc extra info: link to RT youtube channel, group show documentation, skill share page, scratch pad, tool list, approved artists to check out, movie list, reading list, field trip list, things to do ideas list, meeting notes
rust temple youtube channel
username rusttemple -- includes videos and playlists:
  • nice documentation videos of events and random things at rust temple
  • ability for interested members to make their own playlists to have available to share -- ie. music you like to listen to while doign whatever you do at rust temple, how-to videos, inspiration videos, whatever random categories! if you want let us know we will give u the youtube account pw and you can add away!
rust temple instagram
username @trustremple -- includes postings about:
  • events
  • things for sale from the goods online -- done by jace
  • random fun things at rust temple
rust temple patreon
  • direct friends fam and fans here if they'd like to offer ongoing support to our endeavors!
rust temple task manager
  • link will be added once meatcomputer ups preventative security measures
this is such a great list and useful im grateful tysm!!

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